Our Values

The watchword of ECOMOVE corporate culture is RESPECT.

This fundamental value of learn to be and social inclusion is omnipresent in our company and is reflected both through the services offered to our customers, as the relationships we have with our collaborators, as well as our commitment to the preservation of the environment.

To remember the importance of this RESPECT, and to materialize our commitments to the various players around us, we decided to decompose the word into 7 distinct values that today are the strength of our company:

eactivity: Because each trip is unique and that expectations varies for each customers, responsiveness is a necessity and a force that we will implement in order to satisfy each of your requests, whether before, during or after your transport. Feel free to send us your expectations so that our team try to find the best solution for your needs.
xigency: So that all your travels you leave the best impression, you can rely on the requirement and know-how of our team to ensure an exemplary quality of service and to lead you to your destination in the best conditions. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
ecurity: Arrive quickly is good .... Arrive living is better !!! This is why your security is at the heart of our concerns. We provide experienced drivers to our customers and a fleet of luxury and last generations's eco-sedans, so that every transfer combines absolute comfort and optimum safety.
unctuality: Because quality of service and punctuality are inseparable, we are committed to respect our supported time limit to ensure a successful performance and bring you peace of mind throughout your travel.
cology: Sustainable development is one of the biggest challenge of our company, this is why we have selected the cleanest eco-sedans of market place for our guests. And because bad driving habits are a hindrance to progress, we educated our team to the eco-driving principles to reduce our CO2 emissions on the environment.
onfidentiality: Customer’s satisfaction through the quality of our services is our priority. Therefore during your travels, whether they are personal or professional, discretion should be exercised by your driver who will accompany you wherever you want in the strictest confidence.
olerance: Because each of our customer come from different cultures and socio-professional categories, our team has made tolerance a key word for every customer to be considered at its fair value, and so that the "living together" becomes a principle shared by as many people as possible.